Scorpion season 4 episode 16 video: The Valentine’s Day bear

Scorpion season 4 episode 16Christmas has Santa Claus. Meanwhile, Easter has the Easter Bunny. Who says that Valentine’s Day couldn’t have the Valentine’s Day Bear? Can’t that be a mascot now? We might as well thing so.

In the new Scorpion season 4 episode 16 video from Monday night’s new episode, you see the birth of the Valentine’s Day Bear in the most ridiculous of fashions: A sort of singing telegram. We’ve got the bear seemingly serenading Paige on Walter’s behalf. Walter really seems to be all-in with this holiday in general, doing everything that he can in general to make Paige feel like this holiday is as special as it possibly can be. We don’t think that this is necessarily anything that is so far out of the ordinary for the character. Just remember that during the Lost-like episode at the end of last season he was doing everything that he could to do a million or so nice things for her. Walter, despite his love of science, is a romantic at heart. He just doesn’t always know how to express it.

Of course, there is so much more happening in this episode romance-wise beyond just Walter and Paige…

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Other questions to ask

For starters, is there hope for Toby and Happy to get some pregnancy news in this episode? The promo certainly hints that such a reveal is possible and we know that we’d be down for it. Happy already had a time earlier on in the series’ run when babies were clearly on her mind, and we know that she and Toby have been trying. She wants a family in part to give a child something that she never had herself, and we think that she and Toby would make hilarious parents.

Meanwhile, this preview also gives you a small sense of what could make Florence/Sylvester a thing. She apparently touches his hand at one point in the episode and this, in turn, leads to all sorts of theories on Sylvester’s part as to if there is something there. After everything he went through with Megan, it does feel like it’s time for him to love again.

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