Scorpion: Happy & Toby are CarterMatt readers’ favorite ‘ship

QuintisMrs. Carter: The fans of Scorpion have spoken — and spoken loudly — when it comes to their favorite ‘ship on the CBS series.

So, who is it? The title basically gives that away! Toby Curtis and Happy Quinn, otherwise known as “Quintis” to many fans on social media, dominated this poll almost from the beginning of when we put it online. They were a great pairing established when the series was first introduced, and since that time we’ve seen them become the show’s most stable couple. They got married at the end of last season and they’re currently in the process of trying to start a family.

One of the most appealing things about the two of them is that they genuinely are characters who make each other better, while also not forcing each other to lose a big part of who they are. Toby is still the high-energy one of the two with all of the crazy schemes, while Happy is the one more capable of executing many said schemes. She’s helped him overcome his gambling addiction and some of his other demons, while he’s allowed her to open up more to the world and accept love in a way that she struggled with previously. They have a good bit in common, but plenty of differences that allows the two of them to still stand out.

With the two of them being so stable (they even survived the Amy-kissing-Toby incident in this past episode), what can Scorpion do next with the two of them? Obviously having a baby is a great direction for the two of them to go, but we also think that there could be some fun to mine with the two characters spending more time with Ralph almost as training for having a little genius of their own. Or, you could just put them into places where their past is more explored or when they get out on the field separate from everyone and really have to put their marriage to the test. As wacky as the two can be at times, Walter and Paige still have a lot to learn from them.

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To all Quintis ‘shippers, congratulations! You’ve certainly earned this honor.

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