Chicago Fire season 6 episode 12 return date for Taylor Kinney, cast

Chicago Fire season 6 episode 12 return dateCurious in learning the Chicago Fire season 6 episode 12 return date? Have no fear — we’ve got that for you within this article! The same goes for some additional insight regarding what’s coming.

Let’s start by sharing the Chicago Fire season 6 episode 12 return date itself: Thursday, March 1. It’s on the other side of the Olympics, and in precisely one month. Because of the Winter Games, regrettably there’s also not going to be much in the way of repeats airing on the network, either. You’re just going to have to wait between and when the series returns (or at least until NBC releases some new synopses) in order to get a better understanding as to what is coming up next.

Is that a long wait for more Chicago Fire? Absolutely, but there are two different things here that we would certainly consider to be a silver lining:

1. It’s shorter than the last hiatus – Remember when Thursday Night Football shoved the series off the air for around two months this fall? At least that’s not happening again.

2. There won’t be too many hiatuses on the other side of this – If this season of Chicago Fire runs for 23 episodes, there could be new installments coming your way constantly between now and a possible finale date of May 17. Granted, don’t bank on that as the end of the season right now given that the episode count isn’t altogether secure and there’s a chance for a special airing on another night for a crossover event. Our biggest point at the moment is that you’re going to have a chance to see a lot of Chicago Fire this spring.

Also, rest assured that there won’t be any of these strange, super-long fall hiatuses anymore unless that’s just something that NBC really wants to. Thanks in part to the NFL signing a new deal over on Fox (read more on that subject over here), you won’t see NBC broadcasting these games for the near future — think in terms of the next five or so years. (We will say this — the hiatuses this season were useful when it comes to giving Chicago Fire more self-contained arcs than what they’ve had in the past.)

Beyond this seas, don’t worry: Chicago Fire almost surely isn’t going anywhere. We’ve got the utmost confidence that there will be a season 7 coming in the fall — the ratings are down versus season 5, but it also isn’t getting the same help from its lead-in.

What do you want on Chicago Fire on the other side of the super-long hiatuses? Be sure to share some of your thoughts in the comments!

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