Chicago Fire, The Big Bang Theory big winners in Fox’s NFL deal

Chicago FireThe big breaking TV news on Thursday morning is simple: Fox striking a deal for five years of Thursday Night Football. This dramatically impacts this network’s schedule, especially given that the network also broadcasts the World Series.

Beyond just this, though, Fox’s new deal also impacts the other networks that previously had NFL games during the fall. For the first time in the past few years, CBS will actually have the entire fall schedule to themselves. What this means effectively is that The Big Bang Theory no longer has to be displaced onto Monday nights for the first few weeks of the season. While CBS may choose to still schedule the show however they want, fans of stable television programming will probably love this.

You know who else might? Viewers who love watching Chicago Fire over the course of the entire fall. This show, plus Will & Grace and many others, were forced into an early hiatus when Thursday Night Football shifted over to NBC near the end of the fall. That doesn’t necessarily have to happen now. There’s a little bit more freedom for networks to do some different things and that should be exciting for some who hate the football hiatus.

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Granted, we know that some Fox shows are going to be screwed over by the move over to that network; if we had it our way, we’d probably just throw the NFL’s entire concept of football on Thursday night into the nearest trash heap. We don’t like it and we’ve really never liked it. It just feels way too much like something that’s forced for the sake of money. It doesn’t make the NFL better and, beyond that, doesn’t really seem to be something that many viewers and fans of football seem to enjoy.

Yet, money talks! If there’s one thing we’ve learned covering the entertainment business for so long, this is it.

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