Fuller House season 4 renewal official at Netflix

Fuller house season 4 renewalHere is some welcome news for all fans of Netflix’s Fuller House — it looks as though there are many more great adventures to come! The streaming service on Monday officially announced their season 4 renewal, not that this should really come as much of a surprise to anyone at all.

Through three seasons to date, Fuller House has established itself as one of Netflix’s premier shows in terms of viewership. It is able to draw enormous ratings without all that much in the way of promotion, and it’s also reasonably cost-effective as a multi-camera sitcom. The fourth season will premiere a little bit later in the year.

As for what looks to be coming up in regards to Fuller House season 4, there are a few different things we should get a chance to explore. For starters, there is Kimmy Gibbler becoming pregnant as Stephanie’s surrogate, and beyond that you’ve got the original Full House guys coming back to San Francisco. There is a chance for the fourth season to feature stories that are a little more reminiscent of the original show, which is absolutely something that we welcome. Many of the best Fuller House episodes to date are the ones that throw in a little bit of John Stamos and Dave Coulier into the mix.

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In general, we do think that Fuller House is the sort of show that could last for however long the people involved want to keep it on the air. There’s no real sign that it’s ending anytime soon; no matter when the producers do decide that the time is right in order to hang it up, we hope that there is a fitting end-off that works better than the still-controversial-to-this-day way in which Full House ended. It never got a proper conclusion.

With this, you can still argue that the Olsen Twins never quite got their due … not that we really expect for them to at this point.

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