Fuller House season 3 finale review: Reunions upon reunions

Fuller House season 3 finaleThe Fuller House season 3 finale can be described in one word: Cheese. This was a giant cheese foundation the likes of which you see at really old buffets — you know it’s probably not the best for you, but you can’t help it and you keep scarfing away.

The closing minutes of the finale were at least far and away more pleasant than what we got at the end of the penultimate episode, one that featured everything from Stephanie’s paranoia that Kimmy wasn’t pregnant to Steve getting a job offer that would take him away from San Francisco. He ended up actually taking the job this time to work alongside the Lakers (kudos to Lonzo Ball for being game enough to do this cameo), but he and DJ have an arrangement where they’ll see each other again in plenty of time.

As for Stephanie she did get good news in regards to Kimmy’s pregnancy: The two are going to be welcoming a child together. Consider this yet another good thing to look forward to alongside getting the news that all of the original guys are moving back to San Francisco. There’s no longer a reason to have to write them into the show now! Uncle Jesse or Danny could turn up now virtually whenever they want, and that should give the sometimes-disjointed series a little bit more continuity than it had previously.

There really wasn’t all that much of a story in the finale, as it felt more like a series of cameos used to set up some good news. Take, for example, Vicky showing up out of the blue just so that Jeff Franklin could correct what was something from the original series that he apparently didn’t like — this gives these two characters another chance. Meanwhile, Lonzo was there mostly to facilitate things with DJ and Steve, and by our estimation Jesse was there so that he could celebrate not having to get a normal job.

Much of this was happy and bright and colorful — and a reminder that no matter how terrible things look for the Tanner-Fuller clan, they somehow end up being okay in the end.

CarterMatt Verdict

The Fuller House season 3 finale did a great job of closing the door on some of the storylines that have been a part of the past several weeks of the show, whether it be the relationship between DJ and Steve or also getting to see Stephanie finally getting a chance to become a mom. It was mostly fluff, but it’s fun fluff. Think of the Fuller House season 3 finale as the marshmallow fluff some people like to put on peanut-butter sandwiches.

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