Chicago Fire season 6 episode 10 review: Could Severide make a big leap?

Severide leaving Chicago FireIs Kelly Severide leaving Chicago Fireor Firehouse 51 to say the least? This was one of the big question at the center of season 6 episode 10.

Going into the episode, it was our assumption that we were going to see Severide’s old mentor Chief Grissom around to offer him a job — after all, he sent him away to 51 many years ago in order to get better. Yet, Grissom opted instead to criticize him, saying that really he was not progressing anywhere near at the pace in which he imagined that he would. He was still at the same Firehouse and wasn’t moving ahead in the ranks. As a matter of fact, Firehouse 51 was mostly the center of chaos — especially in the wake of the Bria storyline. Severide contended with Grissom once more at the gala at the end of the episode, and it’s pretty darn fair to say that the Chief was still none too pleased with some of Severide’s reluctance to get on board with his ideas.

Basically, the way in which Grissom envisions Kelly is that he could be the perfect poster child for the Chicago Fire Department if he gets his head on straight. He’s an authority figure, but the problem is that Severide doesn’t like to listen to authority. This storyline is not over and there could be more challenges coming up for the two of them.

Speaking of Bria, the good news tonight is that 1) she was found and 2) beyond that, Casey and Dawson have temporary custody of her. There has been some tension between the two but Dawsey came together and helped to make Bria safe. Beyond that, Casey did his best to convince his wife that she did not have to go through this journey that she was on alone; there was someone there with her if she could allow it.

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On a lighter note this week…

Is Cruz about to be a successful inventor? We’re starting to wonder that given that his new device, entitled the “slamigan,” was actually really useful. He’s come up with a fairly simple machine that actually works out in the field. We don’t know whether or not this is going to get off the ground; for now, though, it’s fun.

Beyond that, though, could Cruz and Brett really be a thing again? That was a question pondered by Otis when he started to realize there were feelings there.

CarterMatt Verdict

“Slamigan” ended up being one of the best Chicago Fire episodes for a number of different reasons. For starters, it introduced a possible new ‘ship into the story. Beyond that, it also furthered along Severide’s story and stabilzied Casey and Dawson … at least for now.

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