MacGyver season 2 episode 14 review: The story of Duke and Dixie

Amy SmartTonight, MacGyver season 2 episode 14 started off with yet another reminder that you don’t see all of the show’s missions on TV. On the other side of that, though, we got a chance to meet one of Jack Dalton’s CIA alter egos: Duke, a guy who lived in the New Orleans and was more or less a jerk. This was not a character Jack was altogether eager to jump back into. Yet, that was the situation that he was facing … and it was so much more complicated than the Phoenix Foundation crew first expected.

Down in the Big Easy it didn’t take altogether soon to realize that Duke was far from the only CIA identity that was being exploited, and that one of the people at the center of the operation was by and large a pawn — we’re speaking here about Dixie, a woman who was pretending to be his wife in order to get some money. She was a grifter who unfortunately showed up to grift at the wrong time.

By about the midway point in the episode both Jack and Dixie found themselves tied up and at the mercy of an Albanian gangster, someone who found himself very interested in taking down Duke over some of what happened between the two of them in the past. All of a sudden, Jack had to find a way to convince this gangster to kill him instead of Dixie, who he professed he never really knew before today. The good news for Dixie is that the gangsters weren’t altogether interested in killing her; unfortunately, Jack found himself at the mercy of the mob, trapped in a coffin and prepared for cremation. Out of all of the situations that we’ve seen Jack in over the years, this was clearly one of the most dangerous.

We thought that Jack’s rescue at this point was going to be imminent and pretty easy, but the show actually made us sweat for a little while with Jack’s coffin on fire and MacGyver having to yank it out before it burned to a crisp. Insofar as stunt work goes this was especially good stuff.

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Throughout the entirety of this case, the one thing that really struck with us was that, despite them running in different circles and different crowds, Dixie and Jack actually were a pretty good match! They understood each other on some odd level and they did have genuinely-interesting chemistry with one another.

The end result of the case

According to Webber the record will show that Duke and Dixie “died” in the midst of what happened with the mob, and that Dixie found herself a new job working alongside the CIA. She will help the government now make sure that there are better cover identities. Dixie was grateful to be free, and with that it seems like A) she’s potentially interested in going out with Jack and B) her real name is Dawn.

Oh, and it just turned out that the morning after they hooked up that she took off — also, she took his TV. Maybe this is a romance written in the stars, after all, but it was fun for at least this one episode.

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