Grey’s Anatomy season 14 episode 9: What happened with Jo and Paul?

Grey's Anatomy season 14 - Did Jo try to kill Paul?Grey’s Anatomy season 14 episode 9 was a story about confronting abuse and trying to help others — and it proved to be every bit as powerful as you imagined that it would be.

It also contained an ending that we absolutely did not see coming. In the closing seconds of the episode, we saw Dr. Paul Stadler return to the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital — but as a patient rather than a doctor. He had been struck in a hit-and-run, and judging from the reaction that Meredith had to the news she certainly seems to think as though Jo is the responsible party. She definitely has the motive.

Earlier on in the episode, Jo signed her divorce papers and then, after that, she did her best to warn his new fiancee Jenny that she did not have to suffer with him. She gave her some of her contact info and did everything in her power to make sure that she was not alone. Unfortunately, Paul ended up getting that contact information and all of a sudden, Jo was even less safe than she was at the start of the episode. Paul was capable of finding her, and with that doing anything that he possibly could. He wanted to presumably bring that trauma and that pain back — or, at least cause that fear and that frozen feeling to rush through her brain.

Paul meant suffering, and that could be why Jo made the decision to hit him. Or, it could have been Jenny in a desperate attempt to escape from him or enact revenge. This story will continue next week, and one way or another we know that it’s going to be powerful. We got just about every inkling of that possible tonight.

On a separate note, how fantastic was Alex tonight, doing everything that he could in order to ensure that Jo was found and safe the moment that he learned that Paul was in the hospital?

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On a very different sort of note…

We know that there are some people out there who don’t love the Jackson – Maggie pairing, and we understand that given that we’re not necessarily a huge fan of it, either. It doesn’t have much to do with their parents seeing each other; we just root for Jackson with April instead. After getting doused with blood due to taking care of one of their patients and without much in the way of clean clothes, the majority of the episode was spent for the two in towels. This could’ve meant many things, but nothing really happened.

By the end of the episode Jackson did ask her out; yet, in the end Maggie decided to turn him down over a Tinder date she had planned in advance. This may or may not be the end for them, but this story does definitely represent a changing of the guard.

As for the hospital hack…

It’s now over, and we can all celebrate that. One of the heroes in saving the hospital was new intern Casey, who chose at the end of the episode to reveal to Bailey that he was transgender. That’s not something he wants to reveal to everyone at the hospital just yet and she is understanding of that. Basically, this moment helped to restore the hospital to normal — Grey’s Anatomy can now proceed as it often does. The carousel keeps turning with patients and doctors hopping on and off. Where we’re going next is mostly interesting just because of what we saw in the closing minutes tonight.

Final Verdict

Grey’s Anatomy season 14 episode 9 was not always an easy episode to get through mostly because of what Jo was going through and how visceral and painful the story was. Camilla Luddington and Matthew Morrison were fantastic, and to go along with that the writing and directing was perfectly made to ensure that there were necessary pauses and breaks to let the pain and the terror of Jo’s crises run through.

Also, this episode does have one of the most substantial cliffhangers of the whole season.

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