The latest Outlander Emmy standings following Golden Globes, Critics’ Choice Awards

Watch the Outlander season 3 premiereOne of the things that we like to do both before and after awards shows with Outlander is to try and reset the Starz series in terms of its Emmys odds. We did this prior to the Golden Globes after Caitriona Balfe scored her third nomination; now, we’re back to do so again in the aftermath of both that show and also the Critics’ Choice Awards.

We know that for many, the Emmys are the cream of the crop when it comes to awards — it’s the highest-rated TV-based awards show out there, and it’s the one that often has the biggest publicity campaigns attached to it. Unfortunately for Outlander, it’s also been an awards show that it has been unable to crack so far, at least when it comes to some of the major acting categories as well as Drama Series. Why is that? You can blame a number of different things for that if you want. Starz isn’t always that lucky when it comes to Emmy nominations and, beyond that, there’s just a lot of competition. Shows with a fantasy/supernatural element don’t often get the love that they should. We do think that the network and the studio have tried to market it, but it just hasn’t worked to date.

For now, we do still think in the aftermath of the Golden Globes and the Critics’ Choice Awards that Balfe is poised to get her first-ever Emmy nomination for playing Claire Fraser. She will still have a ton of competition, including Elisabeth Moss again for The Handmaid’s Tale season 2 and Claire Foy from The Crown, but both the larger pool of nominees (it often ranges from six to seven) and the quality of her performance help her tremendously.

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What about Sam Heughan and the show itself?

With the past two awards shows in mind coupled with previous Emmy history, right now we’d label them as underdog contenders. It’s possible that they could get a nomination, but it will probably take either great cognizance on the part of Emmy voters or a superb marketing campaign by Sony and Starz to help seal the deal. Even that may not be enough.

One thing that certainly does help Heughan and Outlander, at least for now, is that the series is not going anywhere in terms of public consciousness. There will likely be more Outlander season 4 promotion during the Emmy voting window later this year and that should help to improve the odds. It at least keeps the discussion going.

What we would do if we were marketing the show

Create Emmy reals that are full of powerful character moments that showcase the performers’ ranges. While we know that the big, emotional monologues are often a breathtaking thing of beauty, the small moments are stellar in their own rights. That’s when you focus on body language, on the eyes, on the inflection, and anything and everything in between. Think of Sam’s performance in “Of Lost Things” and Caitriona’s in “Freedom & Whisky.” Outlander may have wonderful romantic elements to it, but there are so many strong individual moments worthy of being appreciated in turn.

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