Outlander season 4 filming takes a cold turn in Scottish winter

Outlander season 4 filmingThis marks the second week of the new year for Outlander season 4 filming and it seems as though there is one way to describe it: Cold. This is one of the coldest periods of the year for Scotland, with freezing temperatures and plenty of snow decorating the country.

How cold is it? The Twitter video below from production designer Jon Gary Steele gives you a good sense of that. Some people genuinely love the snow and the wintry fun that comes with it — we imagine that most of these said people are kids who don’t have to go out and work in it. For a production of a hit show like Outlander, we imagine that being out in some of these conditions carries with it a wide array of different challenges, and not all of them are especially easy to deal with. You have to properly care for the cast in terms of costuming, you have to make sure the snow doesn’t get in the way of the set design, and you also have to adjust for some of the conditions with everything from lighting to sound.

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Ultimately, though, the adage remains the same in that the show must go on. Outlander season 4 isn’t going to just shut down because it’s winter, but one of the things that you could end up seeing change as a result of the weather conditions is the setting in part for the story. Scenes that were described as warm or humid in the books may be adjusted slightly to match some of the conditions that are present. Production can’t change just that it’s not fall or winter where they are filming, and typically the time of the year doesn’t have a huge bearing on the story itself. They can probably adjust conditions here or there but that’s about it. They work with what they have, and for the time being what they have is snow.

We do think it’d be fun to actually see some snow make it into the show itself — after all, North Carolina can certainly receive plenty of powder at certain points of the year. That’s something that much of America in general has dealt with as of late. It’s been a cold, snowy winter for many people out there — probably one of the reasons that we’re happy to be writing from the west coast.

For everyone out there filming in Scotland, stay warm! We know that it will be above freezing in many parts of the region today, but there is still a chance of snow coming in a little bit later in the week.

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