When should next Outlander season 4 sneak peek be revealed … if there’s another one?

Outlander season 4The first Outlander season 4 sneak peek has already traveled the world and much of the internet, even if Starz still has not released  it officially to date. (We know that’s frustrating to some, especially those out there stuck with Optimum who did not get to see it.)

For the sake of this article, we have another simple question: When should the next sneak peek be released? Other than tomorrow (which is of course the answer within the land of make believe), is there another proper time in which the series could or should do this?

If we were to make a suggestion to the network’s PR department, it would be this: Give us a chance to see another sneak peek for every season of the year. We just had one for the winter, so why not have one for the spring? Why not then one for the summer? We know that there will probably also be a teaser and a trailer sprinkled in there somewhere, but with a show this good it’s hard to be anything but greedy. Also, this much content beforehand does seem feasible for a thirteen-episode show.

The incentive for Starz to do this should be clear: It turns Outlander into a year-long affair, and for many this makes the Droughtlander a little less painful. There’s less of a hiatus and as a result of that, a little bit less to pine away at. Sneak peeks help to whet the appetite and give you a sense of what’s coming. If you pluck most of them from the first episode or two, what you’re also doing is not giving anything too major away insofar as spoilers go.

Is there a downside of doing things this way?

Sure, especially if it feels like you’re punishing viewers who don’t want to subscribe to the network throughout the year to watch exclusive sneak peeks. We’re not sure how much the network considers that, though, since the money still benefits their bottom line. Maybe you anger some other diehard international fans who don’t get to see it, and that’s the other risk that you run.

We just think that in this modern age of so much competition and bold marketing campaigns, every network needs to do something with just about every show to stay ahead of the curve. Not every big marketing idea works — the stupid melting-ice stunt with Game of Thrones is further proof of that. Yet, we do still think that taking a risk, no matter the size of it in the end, is so much better than not taking a risk at all.

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