The X-Files season 11 episode 3 review: Mulder, Scully, Chucky, & Judy

X-Files season 11 spoilersDoppelgangers. Everyone wants to have a twin who will be helpful and do many of the things for you that you don’t want to do. However, we figure that everyone hates it when said twin is cruel, murderous, and does all sorts of unspeakable things.

So what really happened to cause a crazy accident in the opening minutes of the episode? A car accident, but not your typical car accident with a significant loss of life. This is one caused by a man named Arkie who claimed to see a different version of himself in the car with him; unfortunately, the problem for him was finding a way for someone to believe him. He had multiple DUI convictions and not a whole lot of leverage.

Yet, there was an interesting twist to the case: Arkie was not the only person who claimed all of a sudden to be seeing doppelgangers of themselves. To go along with this, most of them had some sort of past criminal history. Mulder and Scully paid a visit to one in a psychiatric hospital, a woman proclaiming to be an actress Judy who displayed bizarre behavior of her own — and was playing some sort of telepathic game with her brother. Unfortunately for Mulder and Scully, they were there when Arkie, now in prison, ended up seeing his doppelganger within his cell. Not too long after that, they learned that Arkie was dead.

Following this death, Mulder and Scully had to venture out in order to find a possible new suspect who could have been guilty of some of what transpired. This brought them to an especially creepy guy in Chucky who originally discovered his body in jail. This guy probably belongs on Hoarders, and he also just so happens to be the aforementioned brother referenced by the actress. He’s also seeing a doppelganger of his own.

This brings us back to Judy

Scully made a visit back to Judy, who was now an evil, poo-throwing version of the character. She wanted to figure out what really happened to Arkie, and what she figured out was that Evil Judy had some sort of control over these people … she just couldn’t figure out precisely what it was.

The one thing that disarmed Scully was seeing just how much Judy went after her age and appearance, which in turn did lead to a conversation with Mulder about it. Who’s down for a fun Mulder/Scully moment?

In the aftermath of the Judy conversation Mulder and Scully did have their theory pinpointed: Judy and Chucky have evil alter egos who they are battling for control. Good Judy claims that she’s sane, and that she is battling out Evil Judy with medication. So, if Judy was receiving medication, what was the problem? Well, it seems that this medication has no merit at all — other than that Judy seems to believe that they have a secret power.

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With Judy locked away and Arkie dead, the latest target was made — Arkie’s lawyer, someone who genuinely believed him and his cause. To matters all the worse, Mulder and Scully themselves started to fall victim to these terrible games. Immediately following a vulnerable conversation about children and the future (one of the most vulnerable moments by far since the series was brought back), we were reminded yet again of the current case at large.

All of a sudden, Mulder and Scully had to go from proving the case to trying to save their own lives. Judy and Chucky kept playing their game, and with that their doubles were looming around every corner. The end conclusion here was certainly crazy and intense, but you had to know that Mulder and Scully were going to find a way to save the day. How that happened though was somewhat unexpected — Judy and Chucky’s game ended with their respective deaths. The hangman was over before Mulder and Scully even got to them.

In the aftermath

Mulder and Scully went back for some shut-eye, one where Mulder seemed interested in something more than what Scully was willing to give … at least at first. Did they sleep together in the closing seconds? We don’t know about that, but they definitely spent some time together.

Final Verdict

We’re not going to pretend as though The X-Files this week was as profound as the one that we saw last week, but it was absolutely an entertaining monster-of-the-week story with a nice bit of Mulder/Scully character development thrown in there.

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