Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen episode 7: Things get heated

Brother LuckTop Chef: Last Chance Kitchen episode 7 tonight was a little bit more of a traditional installment of the show, at least compared to some of the ones we’ve seen in recent weeks. Tu David Phu and Brother Luck squared off in a one-on-one showdown, with the winner getting to move forward to the next round.

Going into this episode, we felt pretty confident that Brother had the edge. After all, he was probably the most bitter over his elimination. He had a good point. It’s not often that someone goes home who did not have the worst food, but that is precisely what happened here. Brother just didn’t follow the challenge, and this episode marked a chance for him to show that he can do that and make some great food at the same time.

The challenge tonight was exciting just because it involved using parts of a tree in order to make the best dish that you possibly can. These weren’t typical parts of trees, though — these are unusual ingredients and incorporating them into food is not always easy.

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Both Tu and Brother made some pretty delicious food tonight, but we would say that Brother had an easier time during the production of the dish. After all, we saw Tu struggled tremendously with finding plastic wrap. That upset his plans a little bit. (What also seemed to upset him was learning that Brother knew where the plastic wrap was and didn’t bother to tell him.)

Did Brother Luck do him dirty?

It’s ironic that Brother started the competition bitter and now Tu leaves far more bitter than Brother was going in. We do think that it’s a competition and do what you can in order to win. Yet, we also get where Tu is coming from in that if you’re confident in your food, why not help someone else do their own best dish? It’s a tough thing to gauge since we’re watching an edited TV show; for now, let’s just say that we understand where both are coming from. Brother won, and he gets to move on.

On a side note, we were happy to see that some of the previously-eliminated chefs stuck around in the cheering section … but only some of them. For some reason, some of the returning chefs got a chance to peace-out from the competition. Given the twist at the start of this season (and last season in general), who is shocked that there isn’t a single Top Chef veteran still in the competition.

What did you think about this episode of Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen? Did the right person advance? Be sure to share in the comments.

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