Top Chef: Colorado episode 6 review: A pair of surprising exits

Top Chef: Colorado premiereTop Chef: Colorado episode 6 was effectively a very different episode than any other that we’ve seen so far this season. We had a departure unrelated to food, some emotional stories, and then a totally random Elimination Challenge that featured the remaining chefs having to take on German food.

Let’s start with what was, at least to us, the best-looking food of the whole night: Chris Scott’s pepper-pot shrimp. As someone who loves these flavors this just looked delicious and very much something that we’ve love to cook in the future (we usually make pepper-pot on Christmas morning with beef instead of shrimp). Chris won the Quickfire and therefore a chance to turn this into a BuzzFeed video to get his recipe even more attention. We also really loved the idea of this Quickfire to begin with: Watching all of the various chefs have to recreate some of their most-intensive recipes from their own menus in just thirty minutes.

Now, let’s take a breather to say goodbye to Lee Anne Wong. She mad ea decision to leave the competition tonight after being temporarily hospitalized over altitude sickness. The conditions were rough, and given that she is expecting it’s understandable that she didn’t want to hurt her unborn child. She’s gone, which is certainly a shame since she’s a great chef. She could have won the whole competition, but we hope that she is going to have a chance to do something with the franchise moving forward.

Now, German food – Tanya won the overall challenge, which revolved in part around having to pair up a spin of German cuisine and then also a radler — a specialty drink featuring fruit and other flavors. This was really tough, mostly given that it tested your ability to pair a couple of different things that you may not have been that familiar with.

It’s ultimately a pretty good thing that Chris ended up winning the Quickfire given he struggled mightily with this. He quit drinking years ago and doing this challenge just brought up bad memories. Meanwhile, there were some surprising struggles we saw along the way — including Mustache Joe, a guy who has tried so hard to incorporate so many different things into his food that he’s set himself up to fail. Sometimes, there is something to be said in just keeping things reasonably simple and working to create something new and exciting.

The elimination at the end of tonight was just as shocking as the departure of Lee Anne. Brother Luck, in addition to having a great name, struggled to come up with something that was really worthy of the challenge. He made food that was apparently decent, but you do have to actually fulfill the challenge. He apparently didn’t do that enough for the judges’ liking and that’s what is causing him to be sent out the door. It’s a shame that we had to have a double-elimination, but that had to happen at some point during the season.

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