American Horror Story season 8: Is Dylan McDermott returning?

Dylan McDermottIs Dylan McDermott returning to American Horror Story season 8? While nothing is altogether certain at the moment, it definitely appears as though it’s a possibility.

In a recent post on Twitter (thanks to SpoilerTV for the heads-up), McDermott (who is now a part of the comedy series LA to Vegas) suggested that he will be returning “in the near future” to the show. Does that mean season 8? Maybe. Beyond that, season 9 is apparently the Murder House – Coven crossover.

The most important thing worth noting here is that McDermott is a franchise staple even if he hasn’t been on in a while — we personally like to think of the people who starred in the first season as special, which is why it’s such a thrill to see Connie Britton working again with Ryan Murphy. We’d love to see her and McDermott work together again on a season, or to maybe get Jessica Lange or Taissa Farmiga back into the mix.

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In terms of casting, the biggest thing that is known at the moment about American Horror Story season 8 is that it’s going to star Sarah Paulson, Murphy’s go-to performer who delivers no matter the role that she is tasked with. 2017 was a little quiet by her standards, mostly because she was just known for only one show (though she did have some roles elsewhere). That’s obviously going to change in the future given that she is going to play a big part in American Horror Story and also the upcoming Katrina-set American Crime Story season, once it actually gets going. (That is a project that has been delayed more times than we can count).

The new season of American Horror Story is slated to premiere at some point this fall; once there’s more information available, we’re going to have it here.

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