Chicago PD season 5 episode 11 review: Burgess’ big case

Chicago PD season 5 episode 2One of the things that Chicago PD season 5 is doing a great job of overall is giving you a wide array of different storylines to check out. When it comes to Kim Burgess, she scored much of the episode at the center of the story thanks to her attempts to take down a prostitution ring.

As a better means to ensuring that this takedown effectively happened, we also saw Kim doing everything that she could in order to enlist a little bit of help from a CI — someone she trusted, but also someone she was tough on. At times, there were questions that she was too tough given how she turned up dead in the midst of the investigation. She was determined to ensure that justice was served and that the other women at the center of the case were okay; yet, doing so of course comes with a cost.

Eventually, the search for the pimp at the center of the ring led to Burgess having to play hardball with one of the women that she had in custody: Isabelle, who was at a center of the search earlier on in the episode. She was one of the only people with the information that she needed.

Was Intelligence successful in what they set out to do? In the end, sure — they got what they needed and are ready to move forward. Onwards and upwards. Despite some of the differences in opinion that they had over how to handle their CIs in the episode, Burgess and Hailey Upton also had a nice moment of bonding in the end.

The Burzek scene that may tear you apart

Did anyone else see Adam Ruzek’s face when Burgess was talking to Isabelle about loving someone who may not have loved her back in the same way? We do think that he cares about her and does love her, but he doesn’t know how to express that properly.

Here’s the good news — Burgess told Adam that she wasn’t talking about him. Here’s some other good news: The two went home together at the end of the episode! While we don’t necessarily think that this means that Ruzek and Burgess are going to be an item moving forward, they are absolutely charting in the right direction once more. Who knows? Maybe this one-night attempt to “have fun” turns into something more.


Final Verdict

Chicago PD delivered a good episode tonight, one stuffed with Burzek, Halstead in therapy, and another compelling case. We imagine that there are many people out there satisfied with how this episode wrapped up.

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