Could Shaun Murphy really depart The Good Doctor?

Good Doctor episode 2 ratingsWe know that in some ways the question sounds ridiculous to ask, but here we are wondering it anyway…

Is Freddie Highmore leaving The Good Doctor and the role of Shaun Murphy behind? In a word, no.

Regardless of what happens with the current storyline with Shaun debating whether or not he wants to quit the hospital in order to go off and live his own life, there is one thing that you can feel fairly confident about: He will not be leaving the series itself. Freddie Highmore is one of the biggest selling points of The Good Doctor as a series. While we hesitate to say that the entire show is about him (that’s not fair to the rest of the cast), he is coming off of a Golden Globe nomination and the praise for his performance is almost universal. There’s no reason to think that he’s leaving, and we know that there are no plans for it.

While The Good Doctor is doing for Shaun right now is trying to set up what is, in the end, a much larger story — one that will probably run through the remainder of the first season. This is about Shaun trying to figure out more of who he is and what it is he actually wants out of his life — that’s not an easy thing for someone like him to figure out, but he’s working on it and he has people around him (see: Lea) to take him through that process.

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As The Good Doctor progresses, our hope is that there are going to be some more opportunities in order to see Shaun find his voice within medicine and start to understand that he’s not just doing everything in his life at the will of Dr. Glassman. He is capable of his own decisions; what he needs to be able to work on now is being receptive to the help of others here and there. We know that it’s not the easiest thing to always do but it’s pretty essential in the event that he wants to become a better person, let alone a better doctor.

Be prepared for what is going to be a long and pretty emotional ride on The Good Doctor coming up.

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