The Good Doctor episode 11 review: A road trip and other bumps in the road

Good Doctor episode 11The Good Doctor episode 11 wasted very little time proving that it is different than almost any other this series. After all, Shaun Murphy decided that rather than going back to being a doctor, he went on a road trip with Lea that involved many different things: Driving a car, drinking, singing karaoke, and overall having a good time. He saw Lea as a perfect example of the other — someone he could not be, but someone he wanted to. He admired her; he liked her. He even got a kiss from her at the end of their wild night together.

This storyline was crazy, but at the same time there was a sweetness and an effervescence to it. Shaun’s reaction to his first kiss was priceless … but before the moment could continue he had to go barf in the bathroom.

As fun as the Lea – Shaun relationship was to watch, you do have to remember that this is not the only relationship that this episode focused on. Dr. Glassman has looked after Shaun for a long time and was obviously concerned over him — so much so that he called him repeatedly during the trip.

Well, the problem is that during the process of his impromptu road trip, there was also a crew at the hospital who was wondering what happened. Dr. Glassman had allowed Shaun to take some personal time, and that left everyone else with one of the most challenging cases ever: Trying to separate conjoined twins. The one thing that made this even more trying was remembering that Jared wasn’t around (he was still gone and Dr. Coyle wasn’t altogether interested in his pleas for a second chance). Claire Browne, unfortunately, had to just go about her business … at least at first.

When Claire realized that Coyle was being a total heel about the idea of Jared coming back, she hated her own plan: Making it clear to him that unless he allowed Jared to be reinstated, she would spend her life trying to figure out a way to find other women he had sexually harassed and get them to come forward.

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As for the end result of the operation…

It was a success! Or, it at least appears to be that way for now. Something could change with that soon.

Unfortunately, there was some bad news that came about elsewhere. For starters, Jared couldn’t get back to the hospital even with Coyle changing his story and asking for his reinstatement. Meanwhile, Shaun learned that Lea was interested in leaving San Jose to work on the other side of the country, and that was enough for him to want to leave this road trip behind. He had just forged a bond with her, but seeing her make this decision seems to be enough to make Shaun want to return to his old life.

Yet, in the closing minutes, Shaun did do something we did not expect — turn on some music. Somehow, it did seem as though Lea and her personality managed to get through to him on some level.

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