Doctor Who season 11 visual change coming — how will this season be different?

Jodie Whittaker photoDoctor Who season 11 will obviously be different from any season before it thanks to the presence of Jodie Whittaker as Doctor. Beyond that, we also know that it’s going to look different to go along with it.

We’ve learned today that there is a massive camera change that is going on behind the scenes for the hit BBC series, and one of the intentions there is to give the show a more cinematic feel that will allow fans to view the world in a different way. It’s a modernization of a show that needs to continue to stay up to date on many of the latest trends and with there being a new doctor, now seems like the right time to make this cinematic change.

To get a little bit more news on the switch, Dave Wride of Films at 59 (the production house supplying many of the show’s sets in Cardiff) had the following to say per the Radio Times:

“The BBC have made a monumental leap here to enhance the look of Doctor Who and I’m sure the fans will not be disappointed with the distinctly cinematic results that this lens and camera combo will afford them.”

This change is brought on in part by new showrunner Chris Chibnall, a man who likely knows that he needs to make an impact on the series right away. He’s already taking a big risk with casting Jodie Whittaker (there’s already been a lot of unnecessary backlash over the Doctor being a woman without giving her a chance) and likely understands just how fickle and quick viewers in 2017 can be to make up their minds on something. He needs to figure out a way to grab their attention immediately — a great way to do that is by presenting them with something that is different visually to anything that they have seen before.

The one caveat here, and it’s a major one, is that you don’t want to present anything that is so different that you don’t recognize it as the Doctor Who brand. There’s something to be said for change, but there still needs to be that Doctor Who feel as well.

What do you think about a change to the Doctor Who visual style for season 11? Do you think that it is needed? Be sure to share now in the comments!

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