The Night Manager season 2 may happen with Tom Hiddleston

Night Manager season 2Is it possible that The Night Manager season 2 could actually happen, despite there not being much source material to go on?

At the time in which the first season ended on the BBC more than a year ago, it didn’t appear that the odds were high we would see the show again. There were comments at the time of the show’s American premiere on AMC that a second season was unlikely; time has apparently changed that.

According to Deadline, writer Matthew Orton is quietly writing new episodes for The Night Manager, and it’s something that many higher-ups are open to exploring further. The Ink Factory co-founder Simon Cornwell (who is one of the forces behind producing the show) admitted in the past that there’s some interest in trying to expand beyond a John Le Carre story for one:

“There’s no book and there’s never been a Le Carré story that has been extended beyond the confines of the novel. It would be interesting to try that.”

One of the biggest reasons to do The Night Manager season 2 is simply that the first one was a commercial smash in the UK and an awards-show darling to boot. Tom Hiddleston stars in the series as Jonathan Pine and anytime you can get an actor of his caliber on television it’s a cause for great celebration. The aforementioned report claims that Hiddleston could be interested in returning and we’re starting to wonder if The Night Manager could become the new Sherlock where we end up seeing new episodes of the show every few years when they have a great story to tell. For CarterMatt, this is one of the reasons we think Sherlock is as successful as it is outside of Sherlock Holmes being a well known property – they don’t bring us new episodes unless they know the story they are telling is a great one.

Ultimately, there isn’t much of a hurry here to order more episodes since there isn’t any firm timeline. With episodes being written now we’d be shocked to see a Night Manager season 2 on the air before 2018 at the earliest. There’s no clear reason to push the show out there for viewers to see before that — you don’t want to rush something like this. The first season was so strong and you don’t want to run the risk that the second season disappoints and taints the legacy of what’s coming before it (like we saw with True Detective).

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