‘The Night Manager’ season 2 looking unlikely as season 1 prepares for AMC launch

Tonight, American audiences are going to have a chance to check out the superb BBC series “The Night Manager” for the first time on AMC, and we guarantee that there is a lot to look forward to here. Sure, this is only a six-part series with a defined beginning, middle, and end, but there’s a lot of ground covered here. Plus, Tom Hiddleston. Need we really say more?

One of the big stories over the past month or so in the UK is whether or not this series, adapted from the John Le Carre source material, could end up leading to a second season. Viewers want it to happen, and maybe the BBC wants it as well given that ratings were fairly strong. However, we know that Hiddleston is exceptionally busy, and speaking per Variety, series writer David Farr seems to nix the idea of returning (at least for him) by saying that he just thinks the first six episodes were all the story that needed to be told:

“There is lots of pressure but I’m not keen. Personally, I liked the fact that the story ended where the story ended. But that’s entirely personal. Given the characters, there is a potential for something more to happen, and I’m sure someone could find the right idea. But for me it’s done. My simple feeling is that I wouldn’t be able to make the next one as good. But I would love to work with Le Carré again and we are talking about future projects.”

We suppose that you could just move the series over to a new writer with their own take on the Jonathan Pine character, but why do that? If something was very good, it’s better to leave it that way than run the risk of tampering with it and destroying the show’s overall legacy.

We’ll have to see what happens here over the coming weeks, since maybe the show’s ratings on AMC could heavily influence a decision.

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