How This Is Us season 2 will address aftermath of Kevin’s fall from grace

Kevin's arrestWhen This Is Us season 2 returns to NBC in the new year, there are many things to address — with one of the biggest being tied to Kevin. In the closing minutes the character’s addiction and demons came back when he found himself getting a DUI — while Randall’s daughter was in the back seat, no less. This will cause a huge divide between the two presumably, but beyond that there will also be a number of other questions. Take, for example, this one — why didn’t anyone figure this out ahead of time? Wasn’t there a way in which this could have been stopped? Unfortunately, Kate and Randall were so busy in their own problems that they couldn’t see what was going on right in front of them with their brother:

Speaking on this subject in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, executive producer Elizabeth Berger had the following to say on the subject of the second half of the season — and also the sense of guilt some of the Big Three are going to be feeling:

“It’s going to be combinations of our characters coming back together in a way that will hopefully feel very satisfying because they’ve been so wrapped up in their own things and because they’ve been missing all of these little clues of what’s going on with the other ones … I think, especially with Kevin and Kate, these two really pride each other on picking up the small little clues, or sniffing out what’s going on with their sibling. We’re going to see these two grappling with, ‘Oh my god, how could have I missed this?’ I think all of our characters, to a certain extent, are going to be feeling that way and trying to right whatever wrongs they feel like they’ve committed over the last couple months.”

All of these characters, (in one way or another) can come back from their troubles. The difference with Kevin is that it’s not just a private struggle he is dealing with. He also has to take on the blowback that comes with being an extremely public figure. His arrest is going to make headlines and could impact his career in some big ways. We’ve seen instances of actors bouncing back after struggles like this, but it could take a stint in rehab or an exhaustive tour of righting many wrongs. For Kevin, it’s probably going to be even worse if some tales from his drunken day at his old high school start to spread around.

Where do you want to see things go in the aftermath of Kevin’s arrest on This Is Us season 2? How do you think he bounces back from this? Share in the comments!

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