The Walking Dead season 8: Could Father Gabriel sacrifice himself?

Father GabrielIs Father Gabriel the next man on the chopping block on The Walking Dead? At the end of season 8 it was clear that Sasha was being set up as the person to go down in a blaze of glory; now, it’s Seth Gilliam’s character.

The difference between the two is clear. While Sasha executed a grand plan that involved her turning into a walker in the midst of being hauled over to Alexandria as bait, Gabriel finds himself still human — yet, there’s also the possibility of him being infected. This question was raised after his walk through the walkers with Negan on this past episode, and if he’s carrying the virus now (and refusing medical treatment from the only person potentially helping our heroes – Maggie’s doctor), there could be a perfect scenario for him to pass it on to the Saviors. Even if he’s not on his way to becoming a walker, there could easily be another disease that comes around from exposure to their blood. Remember that this is The Walking Dead, hardly a place where there is much in the way of advanced medical research on the subject of what happens when people are bathing in zombie blood.

If Gabriel were to somehow able to kill some of the Saviors without actually firing off any bullets at all this would probably be the most selfless thing that Father Gabriel has done in the entire history of The Walking Dead. He would be able to be a hero and help thin the herd without actually shooting anyone himself. It also would be a great way to cap off his story since he could find some peace and prove himself, in one form or another, to be a champion of the cause. He hasn’t always been that even though he’s always wanted to be.

If the end is near for Gabriel, Gilliam is making it clear that he could be okay with the show wrapping up his arc in a way that involves a virus or something deadly of this nature. Here’s what he had to say on the subject to

“I think that’d be a really fruitful death if it is in fact to be the end … I think Gabriel is of the mind as one thing at a time.”

There are still a few more episodes to go in the winter arc of The Walking Dead; as a result of that, we’ll have plenty of chances to discuss the fate of Gabriel and many other members of the group. You gotta think that some other characters are throwing themselves into danger before the midseason finale! This is a war after all and it’s far from over.

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