Outlander season 3: A belated happy birthday to Sophie Skelton’s Brianna + what could be next

Sophie Skelton's BriannaYesterday just so happened to be Thanksgiving, but November 23 also holds great significance to Outlander fans — it’s the birthday of Brianna Ellen Randall Fraser! (Or just call her, Bree.) It’s rare with TV shows that you know the birthdays of some of the characters, but the richness of the Diana Gabaldon source material allows it to be so.

Yesterday, Sophie Skelton herself posted on Twitter honoring the occasion — which was fun in its own right given that it’s even rarer that you have a gif available to you of a character blowing out their own birthday candles. The birthday scene was one of the more important ones we saw in the first handful of episodes this season — ones that feel almost ages away, given that so much has transpired since then.

In honor of Bree’s birthday, we thought that it would be fun to note some of what is coming up here next. Note: CarterMatt is trying to view this article as an insular experience — we’re getting into the character’s head more so than we are trying to spoil anything from the books (and we haven’t read the books so there’s also that).

While we haven’t seen Brianna since “Freedom & Whisky” earlier this season, we feel like she’s getting a crash course in growing up like never before. Her biological parents are both in the past, crazy as that seems, and the father who helped raise her (Frank Randall) is dead. She’s certainly got her fair share of friends and activities in Boston, but she also now has a connection with Roger who cares about both her and Claire. He was there for her in the immediate aftermath of Claire’s departure and we certainly know that he cares about her greatly. They’ll remain in each other’s lives no matter what the immediate future holds for the two of them.

Is Brianna thinking about entering the past herself?

We have to consider that a possibility for a multitude of different reasons, especially since she’s never met her father and, to go along with that, she probably misses her mother and wonders what their life is like. It’s a chance for her to experience a different world and seeing her parents living what is probably their ideal lives. Maybe she won’t end up feeling as though there is anything left for her in the 20th century. While we’re not sure that Brianna in this present timeline is doing anything to actively go into the past, but the thought has to have crossed her mind at some point.

While Starz is keeping the future of Brianna and Roger a secret this season, it’s already confirmed that Skelton and Richard Rankin will be a part of the fourth season. Book readers know there are big things ahead for the two of them — maybe there’s something in line with what we’ve discussed here.

Happy birthday Brianna! Share some of what you’d like to see for the character below!

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