Scorpion season 4 spoilers: Shantel VanSanten of Shooter, The Flash joins

scorpionScorpion season 4 just booked its latest new addition, and it is someone in Shantel VanSanten who many of you out there may be very familiar with already.

For the time being, here is what we know. According to a report from TVLine, the actress — best known for her parts as Julie Swagger on USA’s Shooter and Patty Spivot on The Flash — is going to be appearing as the former fiance for Toby named Amy Berkstead — she just so happens to now be married to Toby’s rival Quincy.

We imagine that the arrival of Amy onto the show at this point could prove complicated. For one, how will Amy feel about seeing Toby where he is now? One of the interesting things about their relationship is that it ended effectively when he was at rock bottom. We wonder what it will be like for her seeing him now on the other side of that, happy and without the gambling addiction that at one point devastated him. Will he feel like the same person? Beyond that, will she start to wonder if there is something wrong with her because Toby never turned it around when she was there?

Do we think that this is great casting? Absolutely, though it is interesting that VanSanten does find herself often casts as the sort of former / current romantic foil. Patty was an interesting character for her because for the entirety of her run, we knew that she eventually was going to be leaving because Barry and Iris are ultimately meant to be together. That is the way in which it was ordained from the time of the comics. However, at the same time Patty became a fairly popular character and there was a time, pre-Gypsy, that we wanted to see her come back and still provide some sort of role on the team — including as a possible love interest for Cisco. Now, it’s hard to really see how that could come about but given her knowledge fighting meta-humans, she probably does still have skills that are applicable to that world.

Anyhow, enough news on The Flash. Shantel’s appearance on Scorpion will air at some point in 2018, and for the time being she and the rest of the Shooter cast are awaiting word on if there will be a third season. The second season was cut short due to an injury to series star Ryan Phillippe, and as a result of that it would be a dire shame if the show ended before we made it to what was going to be the original ending for just that season, let alone the series as a whole.

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