Will Negan and Father Gabriel bond on The Walking Dead season 8 episode 5? (Video)

Negan and Father GabrielNegan and Father Gabriel have been spending the better part of The Walking Dead season 8 in a room together. Is that what you expected coming into it? Well, probably not. These are two characters who are more or less polar opposites. One of them is a ruthless killer whereas the other is a man who has a tendency of getting other people killed. During his early days on the show especially Gabriel was the ultimate coward.

So, is anything going to change over the course of this Sunday’s new episode? Judging from the sneak peek video CarterMatt has for you below, the good news is mostly that Negan hasn’t killed Father Gabriel just yet. The man is (technically) still alive, and the two seem to be more keen on having a conversation between them – which is exactly what we’ve been hoping for. This unlikely pairing could lead to all kinds of interesting character development and reveals for both of them and with this season being mostly focused on bullets and war, we’ve been missing a lot of the character episodes that we love the show for.

Negan asks him why he wanted to be a priest, and there is something fascinating about the way the two of them are going back and forth on this subject. Clearly, Negan does believe that there is an element of religion to what he does. He knows that he is charismatic and in some ways a unifying force, which is probably why he has a certain degree of arrogance about himself and his abilities.

What he says is probably insulting to Gabriel, someone who has faith in a higher power while Negan mostly has faith in himself. Nonetheless, we see the point of view that he is trying to bring to the conversation and understand what he’s saying. Negan seems to think that without his leadership there is only going to be more chaos on the outside and that much could be true.

After watching this promo we hope that this is how we end up learning more about Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character. The last thing we want is some full flashback episode — we prefer there to be more mystery with Negan, but learning more about him in these types of conversations (when most of his bravado is muted) we may figure out what makes him tick.

What do you think about this The Walking Dead season 8 episode 5 preview? Do you think Gabriel makes it out of here alive?

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