Grey’s Anatomy season 14 winter finale video: The hospital hack begins

Grey's Anatomy season 14The Grey’s Anatomy season 14 winter finale is heading your way on ABC Thursday night, and at the center of this story is going to be a hospital hack like no other.

To say that this story is a big one feels almost like a given for so many reasons, starting just with the issue of doctors trying to help patients. At its core, this is what Grey’s Anatomy is all about and you can definitely sense its importance in the sneak peek CarterMatt has for you below. A number of patients are suddenly seeing heart-rates plummet, and as a result of that the various doctors are forced to run amok trying to revive them. (It makes sense that someone would accidentally “revive” some guy who was actually just asleep.) It’s total chaos, but this is what happens when some of the systems are completely shut down. Hospitals rely on delicate electrical operations these days in order to run .

This is why hacking a hospital and shutting down its operations is one of the most malicious things that someone can do — basically, you are giving many people a death sentence for the sake of some unknown objective.

With that in mind, we’re led into the next reason why this story is such a big one: Who in the world would want to do this? What could the motive be? Our feeling is that if you’re willing to do something this horrific you have to have some sort of mighty vendetta against the hospital itself, such as a lack of quality treatment for you or a loved one in the past. Or, you just want a ton of money in order to restore power. It takes a pretty big motive in order for someone to do this just because of the fact that hacking into a hospital isn’t the sort of thing that comes cheap. It takes manpower and plenty of resources to do, something that is probably lost on this current hacker-culture that’s been showcased on TV.

The only glimmer of hope that these patients have is that they are surrounded by doctors who have a history of dealing with insane crises at the hospital — think in terms of a shooting, a massive storm, or even a fire at the end of this past season. Whatever could happen to some of these people most likely has at one point in the series’ run.

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