Shameless season 8 episode 2 video: Frank’s job intervew

Shameless season 8 season 2Shameless season 8 episode 2 is airing on Showtime on Sunday night, and with that, Frank’s redemption tour continues.

What is his new objective? It can be described in relatively simple terms: To try and figure out a way in which to re-enter the workforce and establish a name for himself. He wants to seemingly prove that he can do it and that he can start anew without Monica in his life. When you think about this in terms of some of Frank’s many misdeeds in life, this is actually a fairly noble pursuit for him. He’s looking to be a better person.

Here is the problem that he has: A relative lack of accountability over his role in everything that happened. Frank is quick to make big proclamations, but not so quick to own up to his role in what transpires. You get a really great sense of that in the sneak peek below, one in which he claims — right in the middle of a job interview — that you will never see him regress to the person that he was when Monica is around. He not only throws her under the bus, he then drives the bus over her about two hundred times as he attempts to explain why it is that he has not entered the workforce in an extremely long time.

The humor in this preview comes in hearing about what some of Frank’s work experience is — he spent a few hours working as a butcher once, and he seems to be considering bringing cans over to a recycling center as something akin to work. All of this is of course completely ridiculous, but it’s perfectly in the vein of Frank Gallagher and who he’s been. It will be somewhat of a miracle if this interview actually leads to him finding a job, but one way or another we know that this is happening this season. We’ve seen enough evidence of that in the previews to know it is coming.

The larger mystery will be just how long he manages to hold down said job — and in turn, whether or not there is going to be a way for him to actually keep himself from falling back into his old ways.

What do you want to see in regards to Shameless season 8 episode 2?

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