Is Cameron Monaghan returning as Jerome to Gotham season 4?

Cameron Monaghan returningIs Cameron Monaghan returning to Gotham season 4 in the role of Jerome? There’s a good reason to wonder that…

In a new post on Instagram, Monaghan himself seemingly confirmed that he is coming back to the Fox series in his role of Jerome, the man who is the show’s version of the Joker. This is around the same time of the year that he turned up in the third season, and it makes some sense to bring him back now — this is when he is not in the process of filming Shameless and he can go and do a few episodes of this show.

Last season, we would argue that the Jerome storyline was one of the highlights — especially when it culminated in that incredible showdown at the carnival with Bruce realizing some of his own physical power. If there is a watershed moment that we would declare was Bruce becoming the Batman in some shape or form, this was probably it. We found it intense, dramatic, and above all else pretty incredible to watch. The more of Cameron that we get a chance to see on the show the better off we’ll probably be as viewers.

At the moment, we do think that Gotham isn’t interested in getting rid of the character again. We do think that there was a time in which they were interested in separating him from the Joker and having him be almost a precursor; now, signs point to them going all-in with the concept of him as one of the show’s greatest villains. Because of Cameron’s other job (Shameless was just renewed for a ninth season) you’re probably never going to see him for more than three or four episodes of a season. We’re fine with that since Gotham is sometimes better when their villains pop in and out as opposed to appearing on the show constantly (unless it’s the Penguin – we could watch him all day). That’s why they’ve done the best move they can shelving Ivy for the time being — though CarterMatt is still somewhat on the fence about recasting the role again.

Based on the timing of Monaghan’s apparent return, our guess is that Gotham will probably air its episode at some point early next year / whenever the show returns from its midseason hiatus. It’s possible that they hold off on the show until March or April depending on what Fox wants for their schedule.

Do you want to see Cameron Monaghan back on Gotham?

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