New Longmire season 6 photos featuring Katee Sackhoff, Robert Taylor

Longmire season 6 photosExcited for the Longmire season 6 premiere airing on Netflix? Then CarterMatt has some photos that should be right up your alley!

If you look above, you can see one of the first photos that was released by Netflix this week. It features none other than Robert Taylor as Sheriff Walt Longmire. What is he doing? He definitely seems as though he is out on the job, getting ready to do more of what he does that. Hopefully, this is a sign that he is still a part of the workforce. After all, his job was in serious jeopardy at the end of season 5 thanks to a wrongful death lawsuit that was put out there by those close to Barlow Connally.

We are slightly worried about the fact that you cannot see a badge in this photo, and we do wonder what in the world Walt is doing with all of that money in those bottles. He’s not living out of the truck, right? We’re worried about his property becoming some sort of housing subdivision.

This is the second photo that we have seen of Robert Taylor in the new season; if you head over to this link, you can take a look at another image featuring Taylor along with the reasonably-new season 6 trailer.

Katee Sackhoff

Katee Sackhoff

Now, let’s move over to Katee Sackhoff, who plays the role of Vic. At the end of season 5 it appeared as though she was going to hide her pregnancy, and it also seemed that way in the trailer. Is she at a hospital in one of these photos? It seems that way judging from what could be a hand sanitizer on the wall. In the other image you see her coming out of a trailer, wearing oddly what appears to be hospital scrubs. If she was going to be wearing this, you would think it would be in the photo where she is actually at the hospital!

Sackhoff has done a brilliant job in the role of Vic and we’re very excited to see what is going to be coming up next for her. Yes, we’re certainly one of those people still rooting for Walt and Vic to end up together at the end of it all.

Cassidy Freeman

Finally, we have one more image featuring Cassidy Freeman in her role of Cady Longmire. Here, she seems to be out with Jacob Nighthorse, and the two are looking at something. What is it? Let’s consider this one of many new cliffhangers that you are going to be waiting until next Friday to get answers on. We know Cady is working with the reservation more than ever before, largely because of the offer given by Jacob for her to do so.

Excited for the Longmire season 6 premiere on November 17? Share your thoughts now in the comments! The same goes for your theories on these photos.

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