The Walking Dead season 8 episode 3 video: Rick, Morales face off

Walking Dead season 8 episode 3Before we dive too much into the new The Walking Dead season 8 episode 3 sneak preview, can we just stop and talk about the big reveal at the end of the last episode? It is 2017, and here we are writing about a preview featuring Morales. Who thought we would ever see this man again and more so who would’ve thought he would be part of Negan’s crew?

The return of Morales is important for a few different reasons, and not just because he’s a man we haven’t seen since the first season. There is also value to his return in that he poses an interesting challenge to Rick’s evolution. How different is he from the person Morales remembers, and how different is Morales in turn?

One of the biggest mistakes that Morales seems to make while holding Rick at gunpoint in the sneak peek CarterMatt has for you below is the assumption that he can reason with Andrew Lincoln’s character far more than he can. He knows that Rick has a degree of resilience to him, but he doesn’t quite know how much. He doesn’t know his experiences or his willingness to bend or break the rules. He seems to think that the idea of holding a gun to Rick’s face is actually going to intimidate him when Rick doesn’t think like a normal human anymore.

Obviously, this preview alone is proof that Morales is hardly the same man that he was either, given there had to have been a number of things to have transpired with him in order for him to be hooked up with the Saviors. How the show chooses to present some of these aspects of his life could prove interesting. You could make a case for an isolated episode all about the character and his journey from season 1. However, we’re not sure we would be able to withstand the thousands of complaints from people who are like “why are you wasting an episode on this guy?” and other things we hear during Tara or Morgan episodes. To an extent, we understand given that there are only 16 episodes in a season. Just remember as a response to that though, that an AMC executive did recently suggest that he’d love to see the show going on for decades. There is no evidence that The Walking Dead is anywhere close to an end so they have time to play around with characters.

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