The Walking Dead season 8 episode 3 preview: ‘Monsters’ and consequences

Walking Dead season 8 episode 3AMC’s The Walking Dead is not messing around when it comes to creating some hype around next week’s new installment. The title here is “Monsters.” You don’t name your episode “Monsters” unless your goal simply is to create as much paranoia and fear as possible among your fans. We suspect that this episode will be an aftereffect for the first two episodes, which makes some sense since there will be a need to regroup. Alexandria and the surrounding communities are fighting the Saviors, but it goes without saying that the Saviors are going to battle back. They didn’t land in their position of power by happenstance.

If you follow The Walking Dead religiously, you already know their M.O. when it comes to episode descriptions. They don’t offer much in advance. With that in mind here is everything that we know right now through the synopsis:

Conflict with the Saviors leads to unintended consequences for the Hilltop, the Kingdom, and Alexandria; morality proves tricky in wartime.

The takeaway from this synopsis for us is that someone within the group may end up facing a decision they don’t want to make. How far are you willing to go for the sake of self-preservation? From the jump this served as one of the show’s central questions. Someone within our main cast may be facing something that they don’t want to do, but they may not have any other choice if they want to protect both themselves and some others close to them.

This decision may be prompted by something that the Saviors do; if nothing else, it could be tied in some way to the “unintended consequences” that have already been mentioned. If you love it when The Walking Dead provides interesting moral dilemmas, this episode could prove to be one of your favorites. To us at CarterMatt the challenge for The Walking Dead remains trying to find a way to introduce ideas and struggles that have not already been presented on the show. Given that we’re in season 8 this is easier said than done; so far though, we have seen some originality in the form of where we’ve found Negan coupled with some of how the show is playing with time lines.

What do you think is coming up on The Walking Dead season 8 episode 3? Do you think a character will do something they regret? Share below in our comments section!

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