UnREAL season 3 trailer: See Caitlin Fitzgerald as new suitor!

UnREAL season 3 trailerThe first UnREAL season 3 trailer is here via Lifetime, and it shows that this season will be as crazy and chaotic as ever. Oh, and there will also be plenty of fun to go along with it.

For this season, it looks as though one of the main focuses is going to be restoring the show back to the sense of fun that you saw during the first season — however long that lasts remains to be seen, but it will be fun for a little while. This is the show that mixes that with the drama, which come via various production problems and calamities. Because of what Rachel and Quinn are doing as producers one of the things that, consistently, you’re going to see is drama within the show-within-a-show Everlasting. This is precisely what they want, and with that, we’re going to have plenty of it.

The main difference between this show and the first two is that you’ve got a female suitor this time played by Masters of Sex alum Caitlin Fitzgerald, someone who comes into this show with so many qualifications that remind us more or less that she is way too good to be doing something like a hokey reality show. Yet, here she is, and she will have her pick of a number of different men — some of them meatheads, but almost all of them with abs. Everlasting is going to be every bit as vapid casting some of these dudes as they were with the women the first two seasons of the show. There will be some great contenders, but there will be a few others who are there mostly for the purpose of being eye candy. This show will explore some of these casting archetypes while intentionally throwing these contestants through hell and trying to ruin their lives after the show.

Will we see in the process the lives of Rachel and Quinn ruined? They seem to be having fun in the trailer at times, but it’s only a matter of time before the tables inevitably turn and they find themselves the focus of some unwanted attention. With this show it always seems to happen.

UnREAL season 3 is going to premiere officially on February 26, which means that (unfortunately) we are still more than four months away from the show returning. The silver lining that comes there is that when the show does come back on the air we’re going to get a chance to see some more of the show right around the time that The Bachelor is going full gear. That should mean even more publicity for this show.

What do you think about the UnREAL season 3 trailer, the show’s shakeup with a female lead, or anything and everything in between? Share in the comments below!

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