UnREAL season 4 episode order cut; what this means (if anything)

UnREAL season 4When UnREAL season 4 does premiere on Lifetime in 2019, all signs point to it being shorter than normal.

According to TVLine, the show’s episode count for this batch of episodes will be eight, down from the ten of the first three seasons. (The third season, featuring Masters of Sex star Caitlin Fitzgerald as the new female lead of Everlasting, premieres on Lifetime in 2018.) We’ve speculated already about a wide range of different topics for the fourth season, including that the show adopt more of a Bachelor in Paradise format starring contestants who we’ve come to meet on the first three seasons of the show. It would be a way to bring the entire series full-circle, while reminding us in the process of just how ridiculous some fame-chasing reality stars are. You complain about the edit and being mistreated; yet, the itch for fame is enough to make you come back for more. (Also, there are obvious headlines surrounding Bachelor in Paradise at the moment, though those may not be anywhere near as relevant when the show actually premieres.)

As for whether or not you should actually read into the episode order being cut, for now we would say not to waste a lot of time on it. Remember that UnREAL is a show that is heavily story-driven, and maybe the season 4 story is only meant to last around eight episodes. There are so many cases out there of shows running far longer than they need to, if for no other reason than to fill out episode counts. (With network procedurals this clearly happens all of the time.) Don’t go off and press the panic button, thinking that this is bona-fide evidence that UnREAL season 4 is going to be the final batch of episodes for the show. There’s so much time between now and then, and if the ratings for season 3 are great who knows what will happen for the show?

The biggest thing we’re stoked to see is UnREAL season 3 bring the show back to the brilliant, biting satire that we had the first go-around on Lifetime. As someone who’s watched reality TV and experienced some of it first-hand, we really enjoyed and appreciated the perspective it brought to the table. Sure, everything was heightened and over-the-top compared to what most reality TV experiences are like, but that’s a part of the entertainment factor of the show. Just the boldness to take a show like The Bachelor on in this way made it absolutely worthwhile viewing.

Want to hear more about the season 4 renewal?

Rest assured, we’ve got that for you over at the link here! As we get closer to UnREAL season 3 premiering on Lifetime, we anticipate having a lot more to report at that point. Keep your eyes peeled.

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