Grey’s Anatomy season 14 episode 4 review: Amelia’s recovery; Riggs’ gesture

Grey's Anatomy season 14On Grey’s Anatomy season 14 episode 4 on ABC Thursday night, there were many different stories happening — both comedic and dramatic. When it came to Amelia Shepherd, the story was indeed very dramatic given that she underwent surgery and this for a long time put her in a desperate position.

Let’s focus here first on the comedic part of the episode, though, given that there was a lot of good stuff to dive into here! We had at the start of the episode a search for new interns, which was the lightness that this episode needed when you think about some of the super-dark stuff that was taking place elsewhere. The best candidates, at least in terms of entertainment, were the guy giving himself near-constant words of affirmation and then also the narcissistic Instagram user who was convinced that she was going to be some sort of influencer in this realm.

Oh, and we also cannot forget about the woman who brought her dog.

Eventually, though, the doctors did have some big decisions to made, and of course in the end we saw them figure this out. Glasses a.k.a. Levi is the familiar face who is joining the show, and there are many other newcomers going along with him.

As for Amelia…

We wrote another article discussing this situation, and it is a very difficult one for the character. For the first fifteen or so minutes we were infinitely concerned that she was going to die. After that, we wondered more in the aftermath of her brain tumor as to whether or not she would ever work as a doctor again. This was tough for her but it did lead to another wonderful Caterina Scorsone performance.

Ultimately, we don’t think that Amelia is leaving the show for good; as a matter of fact, it seems as though she will be back soon given that she went home with Owen at the end of the episode.

Guess who’s coming to dinner…

There was some story that needed to be addressed when it comes to Jackson in the aftermath of Harper Avery’s death. Yet, seeing him, Catherine, Richard Webber, and Maggie all gathered for an awkward dinner proved to be just that — awkward. We like all of these characters, but still don’t necessarily see the Maggie/Jackson pairing as something we can get behind.

Riggs’ grand gesture

Nathan decided to prove, as Meredith suggested, that he cared about Megan as much as he once did. He made the decision to travel overseas for the sole sake of bringing her son back. Meredith once more did something big for someone else in encouraging him to do this; after Riggs brought Megan’s son back to her, there were some other concerns.

Even after Riggs brought the child back, though, Meredith tried to convince Megan that she should give Nathan another chance.

CarterMatt Verdict

This episode proved to be very entertaining, even though there was an undercurrent throughout in which we worried almost constantly about whether or not we were going to be seeing the end of the road for Amelia.

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