Grey’s Anatomy season 14: Is Caterina Scorsone leaving as Amelia?

Grey's Anatomy season 14 episode 3Entering Grey’s Anatomy season 14 episode 4, there were many things we were worried about — mostly with Amelia. Is Caterina Scorsone leaving? It’s the question that we found ourselves wondering time and time again when it comes to the show tonight … especially since it started to draw some serious comparisons in the early going to “How to Save a Life,” the episode that brought us the death of one Derek Shepherd earlier this season.

Really, we were worried from the moment that we heard Scorsone’s narration rather than Ellen Pompeo’s — sure, we’ve heard from other characters in this capacity, but given the circumstances of this episode it was a little bit different. Also, her brain tumor operation left her unable to communicate with anyone — she was responsive in her head, and unfortunately, that wasn’t translating to anything else.

Well, here’s the good news: Over the course of Grey’s Anatomy tonight we did see her undergo a recovery. Our concerns were still there, but she was getting up and moving. From there, she started speaking, but it wasn’t quite in English. Apparently, Amelia’s brain tumor caused her to suddenly start speaking French … briefly. She then eventually started to get a grasp on English, but did not have her memory in the way that she really should.

As the episode progressed, we started to feel more and more as though Amelia was going to be in the clear — which is, in turn, one of the reasons why there was still doubt floating around in the back of our head. That doubt came out more when Amelia claimed that there was something else wrong going on here.

Did the other shoe drop?

We were so worried about it when it comes to Amelia that we ultimately found ourselves in the same position of the character for much of the hour. The good news is that Amelia is alive; however, the bad news is that we’re not sure what the future of Scorsone is going to be. She debated as to whether or not she wanted to go home to be with her sisters at the end of the episode … and then she eventually went home with Owen. Hopefully, this eases any long-term concerns as to her future, but we’ll we’re certainly still nervous. That’s just our way at this point.

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