Outlander season 4 spoilers: Meet Aunt Jocasta, Stephen Bonnet

Stephen BonnetOutlander season 4 is now filming, and it was only a matter of time before Aunt Jocasta and Stephen Bonnet were officially announced.

Today, we now know that Maria Doyle and Ed Speleers are on board in these roles. Let’s now spend a moment or two more breaking them down.

Aunt Jocasta – She is, as you would have guessed, Jamie Fraser’s Aunt, and she will be key in the foundation of the fourth season (based directly on the fourth Diana Gabaldon book in the series Drums of Autumn). She is played here by Maria Doyle Kennedy, who is coming off of a lengthy run on BBC America’s Orphan Black, and should be a very worthy addition to the show.

Stephen Bonnet – This pirate, meanwhile, is well-known and much-anticipated for the role that he plays within the storyline of a couple of familiar faces. (Warning: Book spoilers ahead.) To be specific, he is tied notable to the story of Brianna (Sophie Skelton) and by association Roger (Richard Rankin). This character is being played by Ed Speleers, who is best known for his work on Downton Abbey and is also known for Wolf Hall.

This is the first official bit of human casting news for Outlander season 4 — after all, it was already announced that there would be two dogs performing the part of Rollo. Filming is going to go for the majority of the next several months, and should conclude either in the spring or the summer. It is a little too early to project now what the season 4 premiere date will be; our hope is that the show will come back on the air in the fall of 2018, but there is really no guarantee of that as of yet. We don’t want to get our hopes up too much.

For those of you out there wondering about some additional casting news, you should know that more will inevitably be coming in due time. With Jamie and Claire heading off to a new setting in North Carolina (Scotland will be doubling for the location on the production end) there will inevitably be a wide array of additional people we are going to have a chance to meet. Hopefully, Starz will confirm some more news about some of them in the weeks and months to come.

While you wait…

Remember that Outlander season 3 is still airing new episodes — not that we really need to remind you! There is no new installment coming up on Sunday, but there are going to be some more episodes coming starting up on Sunday, October 22. We will have additional news as we start to approach that date.

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