The Big Bang Theory season 11 episode 5 review: Penny, Leonard talk children

The Big Bang Theory season 11Recently¬†The Big Bang Theory season 11 introduced us to a side of Sheldon we hadn’t seen before and that was a Sheldon that was happy to give the reigns over to Amy when it comes to the wedding planning. It wasn’t something we ever thought that we would see since he loves to be in control any time he can be, but after the stress of the wedding planning became too much for him he decided to hand over all wedding planning to her. It’s been two weeks since that episode, but we still aren’t buying into this, because while we have seen Sheldon change and grow over the years, he hasn’t changed that much. Tonight though we are going to see another side of Sheldon and that’s his jealous side.

Last week we saw Sheldon and Howard bond a little over their relationships with their dads and tonight we saw another unlikely coupling: Amy and Howard. Amy has a project that needs an engineer and Howard is happy to help out. This friendship developed so organically that they were even dancing around to one of our favorite artists: Neil Sedaka.

We didn’t know how this episode was going to play out, but Sheldon and Raj’s jealousy over Howard and Amy spending so much time together gave us our biggest belly laughs of the season – particularly Sheldon telling off Howard in morse code and Sheldon trying to seduce Amy into working on some science projects at home.

We know we have been complaining a lot about Penny not getting enough material this season outside of being the person who gives the good advice to everyone, so watching her read Bernadette’s parenting book and using it’s lessons to control Sheldon was great fun and it kicked off some talk between Leonard and Penny about parenting. Also, was there anyone else out there that was kind of excited to see Penny reading a parenting book? We know that not everyone wants to see Penny get pregnant, but we think that a pregnant Penny could bring a lot of laughs.

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One of the things we have really liked about this season of The Big Bang Theory is that we’ve had a lot of interesting pairings getting screen time together and with the show focusing more so on the couples over the past few years then the friendships, it’s been a nice change of pace this season to see characters together that rarely share screen time alone. This was easily the best episode of the season for us.

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