Hawaii Five-0 season 8 spoilers: Prepare for a Danny – Tani friendship

Danny - TaniFriendship is a key theme of Hawaii Five-0 in a wide array of different ways, even if it’s not always overt. This is a show where the Task Force needs to feel like an Ohana, which is why we do see a whole lot of work put into such elements as Steve and Danny bickering or actually showing some of the characters doing things outside of the station. These are people who have to put their lives on the line for each other, so it only makes sense in the process that they would need to get along.

Moving into the rest of season 8, one of the key things that could be introduced more is some Danny – Tani Rey bonding. These two characters are going to forge a close bond with one another, and he may be very helpful in teaching her the ways of being a part of the Task Force. This is something that executive producer Peter Lenkov notes more to Entertainment Weekly:

“His relationship with Tani is a big deal … He’s the one that, in some ways, bonds with her very early on, not romantically, just in terms of connecting as team members. Mutual respect. They bond really early, and very much like McGarrett mentoring Junior, Danny’s got that kind of relationship with Tani.”

We could see the two characters having some fun chemistry and we certainly hope it remains platonic — if for no other reason than that TV needs more strong examples of strong male / female friendships that don’t turn into anything more.

As for Danny being the person to mentor Tani as opposed to McGarrett, that makes a good bit of sense when you consider contrasting styles. We’ve already seen courtesy of Meaghan Rath’s first appearance on the show that her character is someone who will break the rules — if you were to pair her up with Steve all of Hawaii could go to hell in a handbasket. You need a little bit of structure, which is why McGarrett and Danno pair so well together. One of them is a little less of a rule-breaker than the other. Meanwhile, it also makes a little bit more sense for Steve to be helping out fellow newcomer Junior Reigns given the fact that Beulah Koale’s character is meant to be a little more by-the-book. He could use someone working with him to loosen up, and some of that could start to be a big part of the story beginning in the third episode when Koale shows up for the first time.

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