Vice Principals season 2 episode 3 review: Gamby the substitute

Vice Principals season 2 episode 3Remember when Neal Gamby wanted to actually be Principal of North Jackson High? On Vice Principals season 2 episode 3, we saw him slide all the way down to the role of substitute teacher. It’s a role that he thinks is beneath him, and this led to some of the hilarity in the early going this week. Apparently, Neal’s definition of schoolwork is getting people to draw pictures of Frankenstein.

The one thing funnier than this? Neal forcing his daughter to go through what was a series of booby traps that he set up in his compound in the middle of the woods. He had become convinced that the prime suspect in his attempted murder was Brian, Amanda Snodgrass’ new boyfriend and a guy who was working in the publishing industry. He had the contacts to get her book published, and really everything in terms of Neal’s “mission” was about him mostly just trying to see if this guy was worthy of Amanda … even though he clearly is not.

Amanda actually did get a meeting with a publisher in New York, so with Brian’s help he is able to start making some of her dreams come true. Meanwhile, it started to become clear that Brian didn’t actually try to kill Neal … not that he would. The more likely scenario remains that Lee either did it or hired someone to.

At the end of his latest paranoid spiel. Neal didn’t get anything he wanted; meanwhile, Lee just continues to be horrible to everyone at the school, including his wheelchair-bound science teacher, who he tortured tonight after learning that he may be behind some lewd drawings that were being put up at the school.

While Vice Principals is a very funny show, it’s become increasingly clear over time that it is also a show that really makes you work hard to suspend belief. For example, what District in their right mind would allow someone like Lee to run a school? When there’s this much of a turnover with the teachers and he’s changing almost everything about the school’s identity, it’s pretty clear that there is something off with the guy at the top of the food chain.

CarterMatt Verdict

Vice Principals remains incredibly hilarious, but at the same time incredibly insane. Not everything on this show makes a whole lot of sense, but because it’s so funny we tend to agree most of it. Luckily, this episode wasn’t so dark — at least compared to some past ones — that the depression didn’t overwrite some of the comedy.

All in all, Vice Principals still remains on a little bit of a role as we get closer to hitting its home stretch.

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