Vice Principals season 2 episode 4 spoilers: Gamby’s dream come true

Vice Principals season 2 episode 4As we look ahead towards Vice Principals season 2 episode 4, we could see something that Neal Gamby has long coveted: The ability to become Principal of North Jackson High School on his own. He’s long coveted the power, and moving into the next new episode we’re going to see an opportunity for him to finally have some of that of his own. Isn’t that an exciting proposition? We definitely think so, but there’s also some trouble that will probably come with it. The thing we’ve learned about Gamby is that he likes to rule with an iron fist. Yet, he doesn’t do that because he’s not altogether interested in helping others through tough love. Instead, it’s because it feeds his ego, covers his insecurity, and allows him some opportunities to feel better about himself in the midst of a wide array of different flaws.

The HBO synopsis below doesn’t offer up too much in the way of new information — though it is a nice bit of validation for everything that we’ve had a chance to post/share on the site already.

Vice Principals season 2 episode 4 synopsis – “A death in Russell’s (Walton Goggins) family forces Gamby (Danny McBride) to step up to the plate as North Jackson’s acting principal.”

One of the interesting things about this episode is that it’s going to offer up some opportunities to see Neal back in the orbit of Amanda and some other characters that we’ve come to love seeing on the show. Of course, the students at the school may be happy just because the person leading the school isn’t Lee and we already know how they feel about him: They hate him. He’s a psychopath, and at least Gamby has some element of a soul. Let’s hope that we get a chance to learn a little bit more about the real future of North Jackson High by the end of the season — though to be honest, it does feel more or less like a sure thing that this school will and should hire someone outside of these two. They’re just going to make things so much worse with their history.

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