Daniela Ruah unsure if Densi wedding happens during NCIS: Los Angeles season 9

Densi weddingMrs. Carter: Will a Densi wedding take place during NCIS: Los Angeles season 9?

Obviously, it would be rather wonderful to say that for sure, especially since there is a big milestone episode coming this season and also because it took so long for the engagement to happen in the first place.

Yet, at this point even series star Daniela Ruah (who plays Kensi) isn’t altogether sure one way or another if a wedding is going to happen. She told Parade recently that she’s heard some conflicting stories on the subject:

“I asked [showrunner] Scott Gemmill if we were going to get married this season and he goes, “Probably not,” and then I heard somebody ask LL that question and he said, “Yeah, I heard that we will have a wedding,” and so I don’t know what to tell you. Evidently, they’re giving us different information so I don’t know. Maybe they’ll plant the seed and then they’ll just prolong it so we have something to work towards in the future.”

We’re certainly confident that the parties will stay engaged (we can only imagine the fan reaction / outrage that would take place otherwise), but there could be some other problems that they end up having to deal with before they walk down the aisle. Take, for example, Nia Long’s new character of Shay Mosley being somewhat cagey on the idea of having someone like Deeks working with the NCIS: LA team. She doesn’t love that he comes from another department, and to go along with that she may have an issue of him working with Kensi. We haven’t seen video proof of that, but she doesn’t know the couple and may therefore make some sort of terrible assumption that the two parties are incapable of working with each other.

Beyond that, you hope that the only relationship struggles that the two parties have are the same sort that any couple would be going through with the sort of stressful jobs that they have. They handle everything about as well as they can, but there will be bumps in the road here and there. They’re only human.

Is it understandable to want a Densi wedding now?

A billion percent. Think in terms of this: We’ve waited for so long already, and sooner or later you do know that such an event is coming. The only reason that we do think that it could be okay to wait is because we don’t see the show or these characters going anywhere in the near future. As long as their wedding ends up being creative and a fun celebration of the two of them as characters we’re going to be happy in the end.

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