NCIS: Los Angeles season 9 episode 1 spoilers: Callen stands up for Deeks

Callen - NCIS: Los Angeles season 9 episode 1With NCIS: Los Angeles season 9 episode 1 right around the corner, now feels like the right time to start previewing more of what lies ahead! We know that Nia Long is coming aboard as a series regular in the role of Shay Mosley, but what is she like and how is she going to get along with the members of the team?

For more on that, we have some additional insight in the sneak peek below! Here, you can see Callen (Chris O’Donnell) challenging Mosley on how she should be running the team. She doesn’t want Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) around, mostly because she feels as though his presence is almost embarrassing to the team as a sign that they cannot take care of things for themselves. For a while, we were worried that Mosley’s concern with Deeks had to do more with his relationship/engagement with Kensi (Daniela Ruah), but that doesn’t seem to be the case. She instead wants the team to be its own unit, independent of help from the LAPD.

Callen is quick to fire back at Mosley’s claims that the team is better off without Deeks, arguing that had he been present for a recent mission, they would’ve had far more success than they did individually. While we understand Mosley’s idea on paper here, she hasn’t seen Marty in action. There’s no denying that Deeks is a powerhouse on this team and he cares about solving their cases every bit as much as anyone else. He’s going to be committed to the cause, and the team needs him in order to ensure that the job gets done and that it gets done right.

We love Eric Christian Olsen here at CarterMatt, so obviously we want to see Deeks stick around with the team. We have a personal investment here, but to go along with that there’s also a logical, tactical reason to keep him around. You need people with experience, and people who know the terrain, in order to get the job done right. Is it fair to be mad at Mosley for jumping the gun before she’s really had time to access Deek’s worth to the team? Sure, but give her time. She’s new and she’s trying to play by the rules. We feel like once she is around the group long enough, she’s going to understand more of why they operate the way that they do.

For those of you looking for Hetty (Linda Hunt), she’s MIA for the premiere … just know that eventually you will get a chance to learn more about her whereabouts, and you may be clued in on that even faster than some members of the team are. Meanwhile, Sam (LL COOL J) will be around in the premiere, but has been hiding out on the beach in the aftermath of losing his wife.

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