Victoria season 2 episode 6 video: Victoria learns of the Great Famine

Victoria season 2 episode 3The Great Famine is going to be at the center of Victoria season 2 episode 6, and it’s a painful event like no other.

In the new sneak preview below via ITV, the Queen ends up learning more about what is transpiring in Ireland courtesy of the Reverend Dr. Traill, and the news is devastating. This is a place where there are grown men and women dying in the street, people refusing temporary sustenance out of fear of becoming a burden, and mothers being unable to take care of their children. There is no long-term solution in sight, and the truth of the matter here is that the Irish people need help. It’s a famine that they have never experienced before, and even just the smallest amount of grain would be able to help care for the Reverend’s entire parish.

Here is where one of the major dilemmas lies for our title heroine over this episode: Victoria has to figure out precisely what it is that she wants to do when it comes to helping these people. Ireland was not always part of the rule (though it was during the time of the story), so there were some among the British who felt like there was less of an obligation to help. Yet, she does feel a need to give back, and is not the sort of person to encourage or even allow suffering if she knows that it is possible she can stop it.

Ultimately, the problem that we foresee at CarterMatt for the character is that she’s going to be the subject of some rather-terrible advice: The Prime Minister is not going to be in the same camp as her when it coms to giving back, and to go along with that, Albert may also find himself siding with the Prime Minister in a way that Victoria is ultimately less than pleased with.

What do you think is coming with the Great Famine and the show?

How much do you think Victoria should cover the events of the famine? Let us know in the comments! It’s obviously a difficult subject to tackle given that there is only so much one can justify showing it — the events are so horrific, and in turn this is a show that does have such a wide array of additional storylines that it may need to take on.

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