Victoria season 2 episode 6 spoilers: Ireland and the Great Famine

Victoria season 2 episode 6Victoria season 2 episode 6 is airing on ITV next week, and in the midst of many crises the Queen has taken on, the Great Famine is among the most severe. This is a crisis that has caused years of pain and suffering in Ireland, and given its close proximity and history to Britain, it makes sense that Victoria could and should want to help.

However, Jenna Coleman’s character is going to figure out (over the course of this episode) just how complicated the concept of helping in this instance really is. Her government may not be as eager as she is, and in turn there could be even more tension with Albert, who is more interested in siding with the Prime Minister on the matter than his own wife.

For more, take a look at the official ITV synopsis below (minor spoilers included — though this is history we’re writing about here).

Victoria season 2 episode 6 synopsis – “As news of the horrific famine in Ireland reaches the Queen, Victoria is adamant that her government should be doing more to help. However, Prime Minister Peel is trapped, knowing that to send food to the Irish would destabilize his party and jeopardize his career. With Albert blinded by his trust in Peel, Victoria begins to question her own convictions … Meanwhile, the shock-waves from the famine reach right into the Palace, dividing the household and bringing agony for Cleary. No longer able to watch his parish starve, the Reverend Dr. Traill arrives on Victoria’s doorstep with a determined plea for her to intervene. But will his desperate testimony be enough to overcome deep-rooted prejudices, and for Victoria to convince her Prime Minister to act? … There are huge sacrifices to come, and ultimately Victoria will come to realize that, in the face of such appalling tragedy, no act of charity can be great enough.”

What makes this episode effective from a dramatic standpoint is seeing how much Victoria is going to have to go through to get what she wants, but then also still realize that she will probably not be getting what she wants in the end. One of the things history does teach us is that Victoria isn’t all that well-regarded for her treatment of the Great Famine, and there are those who feel as though she did more harm than good by trying to bring awareness to the cause. There are false rumors out there regarding how much she actually gave financially, and hopefully those will be dispelled over the course of the episode — nonetheless, the end result still is the end result, where the famine lasted for many years and we’re not sure it was the actions of a Monarch that turned the tide.

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