Grey’s Anatomy season 14 episode 2 review: Amelia’s devastating reveal

Megan HuntGrey’s Anatomy season 14 episode 2 effectively ended where the episode before began — which makes sense given that this was a two-parter. Jo got out of there quickly after hooking up with the intern “glasses,” whereas Meredith scrambled to figure out a way in which to bounce back after her operation didn’t work out the first time around.

This second episode was a way to press the story onward in many different directions, but let’s begin (once more) with Megan. She admitted that she was scared about what lied ahead in the future, and she was determined to try Meredith’s new idea even if it was risky. She was intent on having the surgery happen and was willing to do anything to find the right tissue for it — really to the extent that she paused Nathan’s new proposal. Meredith walked in on him popping the question to her, and that made their awkward situation all the more uncomfortable.

This entire surgery was scary and unlikely; yet, this time around Meredith did actually get the job done! While she still is going to need some time in order to completely recover she can actually begin her journey now. Meanwhile, she has a chance to plan out now the remainder of her life — for now, she does seem to want to be with Riggs.

As for another surgery in the episode, we saw Amelia continue to risk everything, including her marriage to Owen, in order to help her young man. Amelia found herself falling apart during the surgery, and were it not for Jackson this would’ve fallen apart completely on her. We love Amelia, but we’re certainly worried about what her recent struggles are going to do to her.

We do know what some of these struggles did to Owen; Amelia basically told him that she doesn’t care about the marriage, and then he went and kissed Teddy — who has clearly been into him for  a very long time. She was into it at first, but realized soon after that this isn’t how she wanted a potential relationship to start.

As for some other heartbreak, we learned in the closing minutes that Megan didn’t want to be with him. Why? She claimed that he still had feelings for Meredith.

The biggest heartbreak

Amelia has a brain tumor. This was what was revealed in the closing seconds, and it’s a devastating thought.

The saga of Jo and Karev

Can we say for a minute that we feel rather bad for Glasses? He was just trying to make a move on someone he was interested in, and now all of a sudden he’s getting his glasses broke and continually ridiculed. Jo probably should’ve just let him down easy. To pour salt in that wound, she also took advantage of the bounty Meredith issued for Megan’s surgery; Glasses had found the tissue that she requested by she swiped it away from him at the last second.

Meanwhile, Jo was in the midst of a real moral quandary over whether or not to be with Alex, who she did love but who she was fearful of. What happened between him and Andrew was still playing through in her mind, which does make sense given her history of abuse. She’ll probably feel worse when she starts to realize what Alex did when it comes to almost confronting Paul. He admitted the truth to her at the end of the episode, but his assurances that he would never hurt her was enough to bring the two back together.

As for Jackson and April…

After many episodes of pushing her feelings aside April finally admitted tonight that she was still struggling with the two parties sleeping together. She felt wrong about having casual sex with him and it caused him pain; meanwhile, he wasn’t realizing it. That’s when she realized that it may be time for her to move out.

Our CarterMatt Verdict

We do give the writers of Grey’s Anatomy credit for finding a way to cram so much into just two episodes of the show. Not only did we have a chance to see some medical miracles in the show, but also some humor (Andrew’s sister brought a very Masters of Sex vibe to the place) and some painful character moments. Another worthy way to start the season, but the Amelia reveal has our heart in pieces.

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