Grey’s Anatomy season 14 premiere review: Did Meredith save Megan?

Grey's Anatomy season 14 premiere reviewWhile there were stories aplenty at the center of the Grey’s Anatomy season 14 premiere, the return of Megan Hunt was at the center of everything. Abigail Spencer took over the role from Bridget Regan, and did her best to capture this woman’s humanity, pain, and sense of humor.

We do have to say that, given everything that Megan has gone through over the years, that she was in pretty good spirits. She joked around about her colostomy bag, she trolled Owen about his marriages … and she asked Meredith (who was doing a risky procedure on her) about Nathan’s dating history in the time in which she was gone. Awkward. This episode was shock full of awkward moments, including Nathan trying to figure out how he felt when it comes to his very recent ex working on a woman who was at one point a fiancée of his.

One other thing we’ve learned about Megan is pretty simple: She’s certainly out there when it comes to her thinking, but we do like that she has all of these odd inside jokes and comments that she made over time.

Eventually, the person who tried to operate as the voice of dissension towards Meredith was interestingly the same person who just turned up for the first time in years: Teddy. She made it clear to her that it was inappropriate for her to operate on Megan with her not knowing about her romantic history with Riggs. Eventually, Nathan did realize that he needed to tell her the truth, but by the time that he felt that way Meredith had already had the conversation with her. Megan seemed okay with it, and mostly was prioritizing getting back to Iraq where her son(!) was waiting for her.

At the end of this first episode Megan (finally) went under the knife while Meredith, empowered since she disclosed her feelings, did her best in order to help her. Here’s the unfortunate news: there wasn’t enough tissue to properly fix her. Here is your heartbreak tonight.

Other odds and ends

Who anticipated that we’d see so much comedy in the premiere? In between the hospital falling apart, Webber’s new touring interns, and Jo’s patient believing that she was actually a warrior queen (basically her being Lara Croft on this show), there were many moments of great laughs over the course of the hour. Jo, for the record, realized that she didn’t want to be with Alex despite the temptation that was there, and also didn’t want to be with DeLuca.

There were some other romantic subplots, including Jackson and Maggie having a little bit of a heart to heart when it comes to their feelings (still don’t love this pairing). Meanwhile, Amelia showed herself desperate to help a young man who was a patient of hers, even to the point of her tuning out everything else in her life.

Did we mention that Eliza is gone? Well, Eliza is gone, and Arizona found herself a new companion while at a bar. Is that DeLuca’s sister? The end of the episode confirmed that, as the he walked in on his sister and Arizona on their way to … you know what.

Our CarterMatt Verdict

This was a different sort of premiere for the show and we rather appreciated that. There was less of the super-dramatic music and of the deluge of tears, but it was still Grey’s Anatomy. It was still the show we’ve come to love over the past decade and a half. In the midst of all of the joy, Meredith’s struggles with the surgery at the end reminded us of the show this is.

What did you think about the Grey’s Anatomy season 14 premiere?

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