Scandal season 7 spoilers: Dean Norris of Claws, Breaking Bad signs up

Dean Norris of Claws, Breaking Bad signs upJust in case Scandal season 7 needed a little more zing before dropping the curtain, it’s getting that via Dean Norris.

Sources confirm that the former Breaking Bad actor, who has since appeared in multiple seasons of Under the Dome and is now a part of TNT’s Claws as the character of Uncle Daddy, is going to be playing an important role on the final season of the Shonda Rhimes series. Unfortunately for the time being there is not a whole lot of additional information about the part out there, which really should not come as too much of a shock given that this is Scandal we’re talking about here and disclosing information about its story in advance is not really something that it does. They know that they will have the viewers, so there is not all that much of a need to tell people how they’re going to be involved in the story.

One of the things that is probably fair to assume is that Norris is going to have a role that is entrenched in politics in one form or another, mostly because this is a political show and it will probably be even more so in its final season. Mellie Grant is getting ready to embrace her status as the leader of the free world, and with that we do have a changing of the guard. Fitz has to figure out what he wants the rest of his life to be, Olivia needs to cultivate his own legacy, and at some point along the line we’re probably going to figure out if someone’s going to be murdering Rowan. Personally, we figure that if the show wants to get super dark and moody in the final season, they’ll have it be Olivia — maybe he gets arrested and not murdered, but at some point it feels pretty darn clear that this dude has got to go. He’s one of the biggest, most-notorious villains on this show over the years.

Who knows? Maybe Norris’ character could help. What is one of the cool things about him is that he has played characters who really lie all over the place on the hero/villain spectrum. He’s had a chance to be some people who are a little more noble like Hank, and then he’s had people like Big Jim and Uncle Daddy who seem to love and embrace chaos.

Is Scandal on ABC this week?

We think that it’s probably fair to wonder that, given that Grey’s Anatomy is airing tonight. However, ABC is airing two episodes of Rhimes’ medical drama back to back, and with that you are going to be left waiting a little while longer in order to check out the show starting on Thursday, October 5.

What do you think about this Dean Norris casting?

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