Gotham season 4 episode 2 video: How is Barbara Kean alive?

How is Barbara Kean alive?How is Barbara Kean alive? That is the biggest question surrounding the return of the character on Gotham season 4 episode 2, and the latest sneak peek below is only going to further along this mystery.

The last we saw Barbara, her brain was effectively being fried via electrocution, and there wasn’t exactly all that much of a reason to think that she was going to make it out of that situation in one piece. Unless you’re in the world of Gotham where almost everyone is seemingly invincible, they’d be gone at this point. Yet, Barbara is back, sporting a new look and seemingly still in possession of some degree of power. She’s convinced Tabitha and her new #2 Selina Kyle to turn up for a conversation — though they didn’t quite realize that they were speaking with her until they showed up.

Tabitha thought Barbara was dead; judging from her reaction in the sneak peek (first posted by TVLine), she would be more than happy to have her dead again. Barbara claims that she has an arrangement to over the two of them, and that may be true — provided, of course, that Tabitha can find a way to trust her. Barbara doesn’t really have the ability to get a lot of people on her side, mostly because her history dictating it. Let’s frame a conversation in this sort of way: If you’ve been a traitor to someone repeatedly in the past, what incentive do they have to trust you in the future? There is zero reason for many of the characters on Gotham to want to work with her.

The larger question that we wonder is, yet again, the one we asked at the top of this article: How is Barbara Kean alive? What happened to her to bring her to this place? Does she have any new abilities, or is she a totally different person? We do think that this is a calmer version of her than we’ve seen in the past, but that may be a smokescreen.

In general, we don’t think any regular on this show has played more iterations of the same person than Erin Richards. Think about it: She started off the series as a seemingly innocent love interest to Jim Gordon. Since then, she’s become a total psychopath, a crime boss, and now whatever this version of the character is. Gotham does love to have villains that are multi-dimensional, and in this sense the Barbara character definitely fits the bill. We just wonder if this is the end of the road for her transformations yet.

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